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Riverbend Hunting Lodge

Riverbend Hunting Lodge is located in the small sleepy southern town of Myrtlewood Alabama, along a bend of the Tombigbee River. These beautiful Alabama lands boasts some of the finest hunting and fishing found anywhere in the nation.

Riverbend has 4500 acres with 5 miles along the Tombigbee River with hardwoods, swamps, and open fields many having permanent stands overlooking game plots. Riverbend Hunting Lodge is a family owned and oriented business and we welcome yours. We have a tradition of encouraging the participation of young hunters and instilling an awareness of gun safety and wildlife stewardship along the way.

Location and Contact

Riverbend Hunting Lodge

1401 North Magnolia Street

Myrtlewood Alabama 36763

Alabama Wild Boar Hog Hunting-

No closed season and No bag limits!

This means that on private land, hunters can legally hunt hogs every day of the year with no harvest restrictions.

Wild boar are crafty, intelligent animals and can survive natural hardships. They tend to stay close to water ways, as the summers are blazing hot in Alabama, and like dense coverings away from human populations.

Riverbend Hunting Lodge lands are a boar hog paradise.


Deer Hunting


Turkey Hunting